The Valley was created in 2010 to save horses from abandonment or mistreatment. Our purpose is to group them in a herd and to give the time for each individual to re-establish its natural behaviour and find her/his social rank.

Once this is processed, if the horse is physically capable, we slowly give her/him a chance to re-enter the riding world. It does not take long for the horse to explain to us what has happened to her/him and her/his life story.

Giving them a new chance in life and to gain trust again as to adapt to their natural behaviour can be a long process and demands a lot of funds.

Ibiza Horse Valley is a sanctuary located in a canyon spreading 40 hectares in the North of Ibiza on the natural park of Es Murta. Our horses live in semi liberty in a herd the way horses should be in their natural habitat. These horses all come from different horizons and all have different stories to tell.

The association greatly appreciates any kind of donations or sponsorship. If you would like to help please view the bottom of this page.


12 years ago David returned to his childhood home of Ibiza and reentered the horse world. While managing a stable with more than 60 liveries David understood horses should not live like this. End 2010 David and Monique met through their common passion: horses. David shared his dream with Monique: Ibiza Horse Valley - home where horses can be horses. Together the couple continued creating. Monique & David want to thank family, friends and Ibiza Horse Valley’s loyal sponsors for their support and help along the way. Still today the couple David & Monique continue building and one could say: The valley is built upon belief & passion.


Ibiza Horse Valley is a non-profit organisation. Its goal is to save maltreated and abandoned horses in order to give them a chance to become strong and healthy horses again and live as freely as possible as a herd in the valley. Each horse that comes and lives with us finds here his or her home: it’s not our policy to sell or rehome our horses. To feed and to take care of the horses as well as to maintain the Valley our source of income derives mainly from donations and sponsorships.

How you can help: Ibiza Horse Valley is able to give more horses a home. To welcome new horses your continuous support is vital. By donating a long term monthly fee you can make it possible that we can ensure and provide these horses a long and healthy life. In order to benefit the most from your donation we have chosen to work with Paypal: bank-costs are reduced to the minimum and it is the most efficient way.

Please choose your amount and fill in your details. Your monthly donation will be transferred automatically to our PayPal account until you wish to unsubscribe. One can also choose to support a specific horse in the herd or specify in which area one wants to support i.e. food, blacksmith, veterinarian, insurances, maintenance, etc. All donations and sponsorships are welcome. 

On behalf of the horses we thank you!

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